Homemade pesto: A culinary delight by Essenz

essenz by Eva Kleser

The beginning of essenz
Eva Kleser: “I founded my company essenz in 2009 when I lived in Switzerland for a few years. Even before moving to Switzerland, I began crafting homemade, culinary gift baskets for my family and friends. Essenz is a product of loose ideas and my joy of experimenting, which is sometimes one of the best ways to make pesto! What I started in a small, mom-and-pop operation at home has grown to become a supplier of “Globus”, Switzerland’s biggest and most exclusive warehouse, for three years now. I also get to count well-known businesses like Weinkeller Riegger in Birrhard or the “casa del gusto” in Ascona as loyal customers. I would now like to make my mark with essenz in Germany – and Leib & Seele is the perfect home to do that!”
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